This morning, a doctor shares 5 tips to lose weight without dieting

An expert doctor shared with us five key ways to lose weight without dieting.

This morning, Dr. Sarah Kayat reportedly told people they should start by measuring their waist. mirror and daily record. She pointed out that a healthy weight around your waist should be less than half your height.

“For example, if you’re 5 feet 4 inches tall, you want your waist to be 29 inches, but 32 inches puts you in that unhealthy zone. We would like to realize the following. ”

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Dr. Kayat went on to share five tips she’s following, but added that “there’s a lot of advice out there” when it comes to weight loss.

eat properly

Dr. Khayat explained that if you learn to enjoy eating, you will not only need to do it every morning you wake up, but you will make it a regular part of your day.

“Have a table and a plate and learn to chew, learn to savor the flavors on your plate instead of putting it on your plate while commuting or at your desk or in front of the TV,” she said. .

Eat more and stay healthy

You shouldn’t limit your food intake, but you should make sure the foods you’re consuming are healthy.

Dr. Kayat said: “[Don’t] It feels very restrictive when it comes to dieting, but it’s actually okay to eat more.

“That means eating more of the right foods—low-calorie, nutritious foods found in many plant-based foods.

“The restrictive aspect of dieting can really make people cringe.”

be careful with snacks

Snacking is a normal human function and isn’t initially unhealthy, but what you’re snacking on can end up being bad for you.

“The ideal snack is something like nuts. Nuts are full of healthy fats, fiber and protein, all of which help stabilize blood sugar levels and curb cravings. said Dr. Kayat.

Some studies have shown that “grazing” (eating four to five small meals a day) can help with weight loss, but Dr. Khayatt notes that this is a matter of personal preference. doing.

“It’s up to you as a person and what you’re eating,” she says.

“Some people are good at grazing, some people need it for the day, and some people overgraze otherwise.”

refrain from alcohol

Dr. Kayat also advises avoiding alcohol when trying to lose weight, as alcohol tends to be high in calories.

But she added, “There are so many really good low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages out there now that you have the option of swapping them out.

“A lot of people miss that flavor, but now that we have that option, it’s really a viable option for people.”

Stay away from crash diets

A crash diet is one that requires you to drastically reduce your caloric intake, possibly by cutting out entire food groups or eating only one thing. However, this style of diet can actually do more harm than good.

Dr. Kayat argues that these diets are unattainable, saying, “Many celebrities advocate diets, but they don’t work and end up yo-yoing, affecting your metabolism, It can affect how the body stores,” he added. obesity. ”

Experts also suggested that exercise is a great option, as well as creating healthy eating habits.

“Finding the right balance in exercise is also important,” she adds.

“Many people overdo their exercise too quickly. You need to increase the amount of exercise slowly, or you’ll easily fall off the exercise wagon.”

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