Stormey the Hero Cat Saved Her Owner From Death

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While stroking his pet mum Smokey, Pam Kang can’t imagine life without her feline friend. And without her she literally wouldn’t be alive.

One night in September 2018, Pam had a terrible nosebleed. The last thing she remembers is that she felt a little dizzy before she fell. When Smokey started her act, she almost passed out.

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Jumping up from her favorite spot on the windowsill to Pam’s bed, the long-haired kitten began headbutting Pam from behind.

“I was so drowsy that I couldn’t even sit up anymore and just wanted to sleep,” says Pam, 69. new idea.

“But Smokey didn’t stop nagging me. She had never done it before, so I stopped nodding.”

Pam struggled to keep her eyes open, but Smokey’s fearlessness forced her to pick up her cell phone and call an ambulance. By the time paramedics arrived, Pam’s organs had started to stop working and his temperature was dropping rapidly.

Stormy the Hero Cat


“The paramedics said if I fell asleep, I would never wake up,” recalls Pam.

“I always knew Smokey was a special cat, but now I have her in my life.”

Pam suffered a terrible health scare and was hospitalized for three days. She was diagnosed with angiodysplasia of the colon, which causes her blood vessels to swell and become fragile, causing bleeding and blood loss.

Even now that Pam is healthy, Smokey still sticks by her side. Smokey, now 13, was just five weeks old when Pam adopted her.

“When I go out overnight, I take him in a kitty bag,” says Pam. “She senses I’m sick and sits on my belly and spends the night by my pillow. We always had a close bond, but she Since saving his life, that bond has grown stronger than ever.”

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Pam later learned from an animal expert that Smokey could have sniffed out changes in her body as it began to shut down.

“I will never forget what she did for me,” Pam added.

“I love her to death and no other cat can take her place. She really is my hero.”

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