Official data shows that remote work is reducing productivity of Americans

new data According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (PDF), one-third of Americans will work from home by 2022, up from a quarter or 25% in 2019. The survey also found that Americans are working from home full-time. 2.5 hours less per day than Americans who work in an office. The Barons reports: Overall, total civilian working hours will average 3.23 hours per day in 2022, down from 3.26 hours per day in 2019. US is her 1% lazy. That number given by the BLS is the total population. Remember, babies don’t work. […] What did Americans do outside of work? Television viewing remained flat, socializing declined, and gaming increased.
“The economy is complex, but at its core, labor productivity is the basis of economic profit,” writes Barron’s Al Ruth. “The economy is measured in dollars, but the dollar is just a unit of account. If you produce more per worker, your standard of living will improve.”

“Weirdly, the return to work is like a stimulus package. If people returned to the office at the rate of 2019 and worked 8.2 hours a day instead of 5.7 hours a day working from home, the economy would recover. Just added about 800 million weeks of work, an 8% increase. ”

“The results of this survey will give management the momentum to bring employees back to the office,” Root added.

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