The clever ways you can trick them into liking the vet…

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Anyone who has a cheeky dog ​​knows how difficult it can be to get them to the veterinarian’s office.

Some dogs may feel anxious or stressed during visits, making it difficult to get the medical help they need.

A dog expert offers advice on how to make your dog’s visits to the veterinarian more enjoyable.Credit: Getty

Luckily, a dog expert has taught us how to make our four-legged friend feel more at ease when visiting the vet.

Dr. Katrina Warren emphasized that “patience, understanding and positive reinforcement techniques are required” to help frightened dogs.

Her main tip was to have your dog associate the veterinarian with a positive experience.

“Visit the clinic every few days without any tests or medical procedures,” Dr. Warren advised.

“Take your dog into the clinic, let him explore, and reward him with treats and compliments.

“Have the staff reward your dog, too. Repeat these visits regularly to build a positive relationship with the clinic.

“Make the experience happy and fun. If possible, drop by the clinic on your daily walk and always give lots of treats and compliments to make it a ‘happy’ place.” Please be so. ”

in the works for nine honeyDr. Warren also recommended giving treats for good behavior in dogs when they go to the vet for check-ups and treatment.

Experts added that it’s important to see a veterinarian from the puppy stage.

“It’s much easier to train a puppy to enjoy veterinary visits than it is to retrain an adult dog who doesn’t,” she says.

“Training puppies to enjoy going to the vet should be part of their socialization training.

“Nothing fun or rewarding happens when you take your puppy to the vet a few times.

“Instead of treats and praise, let them explore.

“Gradually increase the exposure, handle the pup gently, give him lots of treats, and ask practice staff to help him.”

Dr. Warren says consistency is key to a smooth veterinary visit, which is why she recommends bringing your dog even if you don’t have an appointment.

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