I’m 40 but have zero wrinkles and reversed ageing with five simple rules

A woman who reversed the aging process reveals her top 5 tips she loves.

Lauren O’connellThe American may be 40, but many people say she doesn’t look 40.

Lauren O’Connell told how she aged with 5 simple rulesCredit: YouTube
Even Lauren admitted she looks better at 40 than she did at 25Credit: YouTube

Dubai-based Cosmopolitan beauty editor takes to YouTube to reveal anti-aging tips, including why you should never wear a fake tan.

she says: “My friends keep telling me I look old, but I admit I look better now than I did when I was 25.”

Despite admitting she’s grown older, Lauren revealed that she hates the term but is happy to share her beauty secrets.

The beauty expert added, “That’s what I’ll call what makes me age gracefully.

“I don’t really like the term, but we kind of live in an anti-aging world.”

Soon after quitting caffeine altogether, Lauren advantage.

She suffered from headaches and nausea after every cup of joe, which also affected her skin.

After quitting, she added: “My skin is firmer, more radiant, and less dry and dehydrated.”

Not only did Lauren quit coffee, she quit alcohol, and of course she felt better on the inside.

“It took me five years of age to give up on those two things,” she added.

NextLauren admits she knew she was too pale, but during the pandemic she decided to give up fake tans for good.

However, beauty professionals eventually embraced her white skin and quickly noticed its benefits.

“I’m very fair, so I’m going to keep religiously painting it on my body and face for years,” she recalls.

“The ingredients are horrible and ruin my skin. My skin is glowing orange, my skin is dehydrated, dry and oily, and the fine lines on my face are getting worse.”

But since removing it, she has noticed that her skin is much more radiant, hydrated, and free of fine lines.

Lauren also felt it was important to look at all the ingredients in skincare to find out which ones really work for your skin.

After living in Dubai for 14 years, the sun had visibly changed her skin, but finding the right ingredients helped her get rid of the fine lines that had formed.

“I saw a big change in my dry skin,” adds Lauren.

“I used to have wrinkles under my eyes, which are part of the natural aging process, but now they’re gone.”

Finally, Lauren put anti-aging into meditation and taking time for herself, which gave her a glow from within.

While Lauren was happy to share her anti-aging tips, she didn’t mean to give up on looking good just because she’s 40, but revealed that aging is a privilege.

People immediately appreciated Lauren’s beauty tips and shared their own.

One person said, “I’m 40, but people tell me I look 30. I exercise. Fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, water, yoga, and self-love. Also, skincare since I was young. I do massage and cupping as well.”

Another commented, “This really gave me courage when I was afraid of aging.”

“Your skin looks beautiful and healthy. You don’t look young. You don’t look old from 29,” one-third wrote.

On the other hand, a fourth person said, “I’m 42 and I thought you looked good for your age, but I’m blown away by your youth and beauty.”

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