How to lose fat without dieting, 5 weight loss tips from doctors

An expert doctor tells us the 5 main ways to lose weight Lose fat this summer without dieting.

Dr Sarah Kayat told people this morning a good place to start before going to the hospital. diet Report that waist size will be measured mirror. she, healthy weight Waist circumference should be no more than half your height.

“For example, if you’re 5’4″, you’d want your waist to be 29″, but if you’re 32″, that’s when you’re in the unhealthy zone, so we We want to bring it down,” he said. . ”

Dr. Kayat went on to share five tips she’s following, but added that “there’s a lot of advice out there” when it comes to weight loss.

Eat properly

Dr. Sarah says, “Learn how to eat right again!

“Have a table and a plate, learn to chew, and learn to savor the flavors on your plate instead of putting it on your plate while commuting, at your desk, in front of the TV.”


Experts explained that if you learn to enjoy eating, it will become a regular part of your routine, not just a necessity every time you wake up.





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