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In the last few days, the word “hot” is an understatement.Extreme heat poses serious problems for outdoor pets

Dogs and cats are susceptible to heat stroke, and when animals lose their ability to regulate their body temperature due to extreme heat exposure, it can lead to death. Heat stroke can cause irreversible damage to internal organs if not treated early and promptly.

Heatstroke occurs when a dog or cat’s body temperature is too high. Your pet will gasp and release body heat, which is normal, but be aware of the following: rapid breathing, heavy Gasping, abnormal drooling, red tongue and gums, and rapid heart rate. Cats give off heat by panting and sweating their paws. Pets suffering from heat stroke can become very active and dizzy during walks. As the animal’s condition worsens, heart rate increases, blood pressure decreases, and excessive gasping leads to dehydration. Your pet may fall into a coma.

Heatstroke in dogs and cats requires immediate attention. Move the animal to a cool, well-ventilated area. Better yet, take him to the veterinarian in an air-conditioned car. Do not immerse the device in cold or cold water.

Heatstroke in pets is not something that can be treated, but rather something that should be avoided. Having access to fresh, clean water and shaded areas is essential to your furry friend’s health.

This Tuesday is Independence Day, a big summer event with celebrations and fireworks. July 5th is a day of concern for animal shelters as the number of lost pets increases by 30-60%. To keep pets safe, keep them indoors if possible. And a microchip, or collar and ID tag with current information, can help your best friend get home.

Speaking of pets, keeping your best friends safe in hot weather and keeping your home safe is especially important this summer.


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