Emma Roberts’ 15 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Emma Roberts He started acting at a young age and is one of those actors who has been working consistently ever since. Although he dives into multiple different genres, Roberts has a penchant for thrillers and romantic comedies.Given that she has so many projects on her resume, it’s no surprise she is very famous. Nonetheless, many wondered about her family as her surname is not uncommon in the industry.

Emma Roberts’ father has been in the entertainment industry and is Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts. But that’s not all. She comes from the family of Julia Roberts, the leading actor of her ’90s.of pretty woman The actress is Emma’s aunt. Apart from her career choices and name, there are physical similarities between the two. Her breakthrough as an actress was the Nickelodeon series. wonderful. The actress played the lead role of Addie Singer and also released the show’s soundtrack album. Below are her top 15 movies, ranked based on Rotten Tomatoes scores.

15 Strike – 55%

new line cinema blow Johnny Deep plays the real-life George Jung in this action-packed tale of his rise from Colombia’s Medellín cartel to a leading cocaine importer in the ’70s. Roberts plays young Christina Jung, George’s daughter, while Jamie King plays the adult version of the character. She was only 10 years old when she played this role and this was her first role in a feature film.
14 Adult World – 56%
adult world
IFC film
Not only does Roberts have a great resume, she has also starred in many of the movies she has starred in. adult world. An aspiring poet, Amy works at an adult bookstore and seeks to apprentice her favorite author, Rat Billings (John Cusack). Roberts will appear in the film alongside Evan Peters, who has become a longtime acting colleague on the film. american horror story They then shared a seven-year romantic relationship.
13 The Hunt – 57%
Blumhouse Productions

Blumhouse Productions is one of the leading producers of dark comedy action thrillers. hunting. Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing with no record of why they were there or how they got there. Little do they know they will be chased for sport. Roberts has a small role as a character that doesn’t have a formal name like the others, Yogapants.

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12 Kind of funny – 58%

a funny story
Focus function

a funny story A drama set in a psychiatric ward. Teenage protagonist Craig (Keir Gilchrist) is suicidal and undergoes a mental health examination. There he met a group of people who had experienced various difficulties in his life and were in need of medical assistance. Noel is one of theme (Roberts) was sexually assaulted. Although the film has a touch of comedy, it deals with many subjects that can be stimulating to different people.

11 In a relationship – 60%

in a relationship
vertical entertainment

Emma Roberts is no stranger to romantic comedies, in a relationship It just adds this genre to her resume. Harry (Roberts) and Owen (Michael Angarano) may soon end their relationship, but at the same time Willa (Dolly Hemingway) and Matt (Patrick Gibson) may start a new one.

Ten Scream 4 – 60%

emma roberts cry 4
dimension film

Years after the original Scream trilogy ended, scream 4 brought back one of the last and most beloved girls, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and friends. One of the most interesting parts of the series is that Ghost inspires expectations of who the killer in his face will always be and will be, and this time was no different. Played by Roberts, Jill is a young girl who has more going on than she looks.

9 I’m Michael – 62%

i'm michael
media brainstorming

Based on a true story, i’m michael Michael Glatze (James Franco) traces his journey from gay activist to anti-gay Christian pastor to straight man. Roberts has a secondary role in this difficult drama as Rebecca Fuller, who becomes Michael’s girlfriend after his life begins to change.

8 Lime Life – 63%

lime life
screen media film

lime life The piece is set in 1979 and tells a story of horror shared by those who lived on Long Island, caused by one of the men who lived there. got lyme disease. The story is based on the real-life experiences of Derrick Martini and Stephen Martini, who grew up on Long Island. Derrick co-wrote the script with Stephen, who directed the film. The film stars real-life brother Kieran Culkin (Emmy nominee for his role as Roman Roy in the film). Inheritance) and Rory Culkin. Roberts plays Adriana, the daughter of a man with Lyme disease.

7 About Fate – 63%

About FateMovie
united artists release

One of Roberts’ recent films released last year, about destiny It’s a holiday love story. Once again, as the film’s lead, the actress plays Margot, who is about to marry the wrong man. Griffin (Thomas Mann) is in a similar situation, trying to marry the wrong woman. However, this is not the case with romance stories. On New Year’s Eve, they meet by fate (hence the name of the piece), and that changes everything.

6 Nerve – 67%

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts in Nerve
lions gate

nerve An action-packed teen adventure with an underlying message: the power given to social media and the image people try to maintain there. Roberts will be starring Vee and Dave Franco as Ian. They team up to win a challenge game called Nerve. Having risked their lives on multiple occasions, the duo show a lot of chemistry in this entertaining story.

Five Paradise Hills – 67%

Emma Roberts Paradise Hills
alpha pictures

Diving into the sci-fi genre without forgetting his taste for thrillers, Roberts plays the main character Yuma here. Paradise Hills. A group of young women join forces to escape from a dark secret island called Paradise. Paradise is a behavioral correction center for young women who are frustrated with their families. The film’s cinematography was one of its most acclaimed elements.

Four Palo Alto – 68%

A girl who smokes a cigarette while leaning against a wire mesh.
tribeca film

Gia Coppola’s feature film debut as director and screenwriter, Granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola. Palo Alto is an R-rated drama that focuses on a group of teens who decide to rebel. start using drugs and have casual sex. James Franco, who also stars, helped finance the film. The actress plays April, a shy girl who falls in love with Franco’s football coach Mr. B.

3 Celeste and Jessie Forever – 71%

Celeste and Jessie Forever
Sony Pictures Classics

Romantic comedy starring Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones. Jesse and Celeste have been together since high school but are now estranged. Celeste and Jessie Forever is a romantic comedy about divorce and a change of heart. Roberts isn’t the main character, but he plays Riley, an up-and-coming pop star who is signed to Celeste’s media company.

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2 Girl in Black – 75%

daughter in black

Roberts rose to popularity after appearing in various seasons of horror shows american horror story. So it’s no surprise that her second-ranked film is also Supernatural Horror Her Mysteries.Roberts lead the way daughter in black As Joan, you enroll in a preparatory school with dark secrets. This was the debut feature film for writer and director Oz Perkins.

1 Who we are now – 96%

us now
film rise

us now A drama about family and the legal system.This movie was directed and written by by Australian film director Matthew Newton. Beth (Julian Nicholson) has been released after spending 10 years in prison and wants to regain custody of his son. Roberts will play Jessie, a member of the public defense team determined to help Beth as best she can.

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