China Airlines Passenger Complains About The Airline’s Animal Treatment

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One pet owner faced devastation and heartbreak when her cat was left without food or water for an astonishing 35 hours due to “human error.”

30-year-old traveler and TikTok influencer Nina Gary received the sad news from a gate agent that her 10-year-old cat companion, Baby Cat, was mistakenly allowed on the plane. , felt inconsolable.

The case unfolded when Nina Gary set off on a long-planned trip. Los Angeles To Bali with my precious cat. But what she didn’t know was that strict rules prohibit bringing animals into Bali, adding to the already devastating situation.

Long-term planning and prepaid travel

In a shocking turn, Nina was informed that she would have to pay an additional $1,800 to purchase a one-way, round-trip ticket to LAX, which departs 13 hours later. But to make matters worse, Nina claims her cat was kept waiting in the basement for another 13 hours before her flight home, and that her baby cat was left in a cage for over 35 hours without food or water. there is

Nina described how she felt to be the “worst pet owner ever” and how she felt betrayed by her loyal companions. Baby Kat has been a constant source of comfort throughout Nina’s life experiences over the past decade, from her college degree to her divorce to her multiple moves.

The pet owner realized that the cat was not being fed or rested during the trip because the cage had been closed with a zip tie per customs instructions. Each country’s import requirements required specific procedures, and Nina followed them diligently.

Nina went on to detail the huge financial costs incurred while preparing for the trip. The cost includes an $85 consultation fee, an additional $404 for the first vaccination, $675 for the required blood test, and $150 for the COVID-19 test. In addition, test results had to be sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to obtain a travel certificate, and she was charged an additional $150 for her prepaid overnight label.

Nina was initially informed that the cat was allowed on board, but was then told at the check-in counter that the baby cat should be moved in the cargo hold. Wanting to go to Bali after months of preparation, Nina reluctantly agreed and her pet carrier was tagged with her final destination and she was separated from her.


after arrival TaiwanNina was shown to a waiting area outside the boarding gate and told to wait for the manager there. Growing her anxiety, she pleaded with her manager to deal with the situation, but her response lacked empathy or urgency.

It was later revealed to her that her cat was not allowed to enter Bali due to a “human error” during the boarding process at LAX. Admitting her fault, Nina demanded: China Airline Pay for her round-trip airfare to the United States. However, her manager dismissed her request, saying the airline had no obligations to her.

Feeling defeated and traumatized, Nina reluctantly purchases a one-way, $1,800 return ticket from Taipei to Los Angeles, which is still 13 hours away. Disturbingly, she was not allowed to be with her cat during this time and Baby Cat had to remain alone in the basement for an additional 13 hours before catching her flight home.

Upon reuniting with Nina, she discovered that her cat had been kept in the dark for so long that it was excreting in its cage. Despite her harrowing ordeal, Nina assured her worried followers that Baby Cat stinks but is safe, and that there are valuable lessons to be learned from the experience.

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