Bobbi Brown Says Skip This Popular Makeup Trend If You Have Grey Hair

From his role on the executive team of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics to his latest engagement with Jones Road Beauty, Bobbi Brown has established himself as a world-class beauty mogul. The 66-year-old makeup artist and brand leader continues to shine, becoming one of the most popular sources of makeup and skin care tips and tricks for mature skin.Just last week, Mr. Brown Good morning, America Here are her top makeup tips for people with gray hair.

Before getting into makeup hacks, MUA recommends seniors focus on keeping their skin hydrated with lots of water, as well as moisturizers and eye creams in the morning and night. “Keeping your skin well hydrated and drinking plenty of water are the first and most important steps,” she says. [moisturizer and eye cream] Apply as the first step of makeup and reapply before bed. ” She also emphasizes the importance of exfoliating once a week to prevent dull skin.

shadow school

Moving on to makeup, Braun’s first tip for gray-haired customers is to always have brown eyeshadow to fill in any sparse eyebrows. Because one of the main problems people face when growing gray hair is that it looks faded. “When your hair turns gray, your eyebrows don’t necessarily follow suit,” she says, noting how to style them with a spoolie before filling them in with short, gentle strokes of an eyebrow pencil that mimics natural hair. said while performing. colour.

Lip service

Continuing on with the importance of not looking faded, Brown explains that neutral lips and cheeks may not do as well for gray hair. “You definitely want a pop of color,” she says. “Pink is my favorite color because it looks good on everyone and adds the perfect pop of color while still looking natural, like you’ve just taken a brisk walk outside. ‘If you’re not sure which shade of pink is right for you, pinch your cheeks and choose a color that matches your skin tone, says Brown.

Focus on prizes

We all know that eyes say a lot, but Braun believes in the importance of highlighting your eyes with the perfect liner color for your face. Navy is recommended for people with white hair and blue eyes. People with medium skin tones and gray hair tend to opt for dark brown eyeliners. Finally, for people with fair skin and gray hair, black eyeliner is the best way to accentuate your eyes.

time to shine

Color palette aside, Brown’s final piece of advice for makeup success is to not be afraid to add a little sparkle. No matter your age, Braun is a firm believer that a little sparkle can make you look and feel better. “My general rule of thumb is to choose two spots on her face to add shine, so you get just the right amount of shine to complete any makeup look,” she says. explains.

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