29 TikTok-Famous Beauty Finds That Solve Problems

It works for all skin tones and gives a beautiful dewy glow to the face. PS It’s loaded with 18% Zinc Oxide (a mineral ingredient that acts as a skin protectant, and hooray! It’s an FDA-approved sunscreen that reflects harmful UV rays). And yes, BBS, it’s clean, vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, *and* reef-safe!

Live Tinted is a South Asian woman-owned beauty brand founded by beauty blogger and entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala. Her brand is built around versatility and inclusivity with incredible multi-tasking products that address skin concerns like hyperpigmentation.Take a peek at our best-selling color corrections Huustic.

see why TikToker I choose Hughard.

I recently introduced this gem into my skin care routine and I don’t know why on earth it took me so long to turn this around. I’ve been writing about Live Tinted products for a while now and finally decided to get some for myself. Hueguard literally injects liquid sunshine into my daily routine. Because it’s gold. And really, really no whitewash on my face. Plus, no pilling. It blends seamlessly into my skin and feels very hydrating, perfect as a base layer for makeup. (The photo above is me after wearing the Hueguard underneath for a few hours. cousus concealer and one size foundation And as someone who has had some acne scars on my cheeks for a while and struggled with how to wear makeup, I have to be honest. I have never seen my complexion so smooth. And my no-makeup look stayed that way for hours!) not recommended Hughart Enough if you want to try something new.

Reviews you can expect: “This has now become my favorite daily sunscreen/moisturizer/primer. ‘Non-whitening’ really means a lot, this product doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t clog pores. No. I like the consistency and I like the fact that I can use it.” I take it with me when I travel. And since it’s a 3-in-1, it’s a huge time saver. I strongly recommend it!” –Ulta customer

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