18 Products That Will Help You Sleep Through Summer Heat

Promising review: “Finally I found a pillow worth every penny!!! I will buy more ASAP! I have a sweating problem and my bedroom is on the 3rd floor of the house so I have a fever and the hot flashes never go away. It’s hard to find pillowcases that don’t feel sticky and are too hot to lie on. There is a zipper on one side of each pillowcase so you can tighten the pillows and prevent the pillows inside from shifting or falling out. Broke up! These pillowcases were cool to the touch, so soft, so comfortable to lie on, and I woke up with drool all over my face after an amazing amount of amazing sleep. This pillowcase doesn’t feel overwhelmingly warm and sticky, even after lying down for a while. It is comfortable even if you sleep all night! I am so happy and grateful to finally find a pillowcase that is exactly what a person with sweating problems and hot flashes needs in a pillowcase. ”cosmetic reviews

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