10 Skincare Products That Benefit From Being In The Fridge

You may have heard a lot about the benefits of refrigerating beauty products, but you may not be familiar with how and why it works. Whether or not to store beauty products cold depends largely on the specific ingredients in the product and the rate at which those ingredients tend to break down. Some ingredients, such as vitamin C, are “labile” and can break down when exposed to heat ( skincare.com). This is why products with active (and labile) ingredients generally do best in a cool, dark place such as a skin care refrigerator.

Bacterial growth is also an important consideration. unfortunately, forbes Keep in mind that beauty products can be the perfect breeding ground for microbes. After all, no matter how meticulously clean you keep your space and how impeccable your hygiene is, your body is your own microbiome, where healthy and not-so-healthy microbes thrive. I’m here.

And whether you use your finger, applicator, brush, or sponge, you almost inevitably introduce some kind of bacteria into the product container. However, temperature and humidity affect whether and how quickly these bacteria grow. In general, the cooler the temperature, the longer it takes for compounds to break down or bacteria to reach harmful levels ( Michigan State University).

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