10 Best Bronzing Drops for Glowy Skin (Tested & Reviewed 2023)

Look at the shades

Unfortunately, many bronze drops come in only one medium to tan color and are often too dark for fair skin or too light and milky for dark skin. After testing and reviewing, we found the following: Versed’s Glowdrop Great option for very light skin, Because it’s a sheer champagne color that looks natural, not orange. Another well-tested option is a light pink shade. L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Lotion This leaves a shimmery, glowing white skin tone (rather than a warm bronze).

If you’re dealing with a deeper skin tone (such as dark tan to deep skin tones), choose a bronze drop that matches or is darker.your natural skin tone, FENTY BEAUTY EASE DROPLITT ALL OVER GLOW ENHANCER. Or try live tinted hug glow Dusk is a deep bronzed shade that imparts a golden sheen to the skin. Note that these formulas don’t work like pigmented foundations on the face (too sheer and subtle to really darken the skin). intention It can add depth of warm glow to your face and even out your skin tone.

Evaluate your goals

Just want to add some temporary color to your light to tan skin? Drunk Elephant D-Bronze DropsThis was my favorite among all the bronze drops I tested on my fair to medium skin. For fair skin, testers liked the ultralight danessa myrix yummy skin serumbarely a gold or bronze shade, but reviewers with tan to deep skin tones loved it Fenty’s Eaze Drop’lit All Over Glow Enhancer in bronze jasper.

but If you want to accentuate your cheekbones or make your skin look more hydrated, Live Tinted Hue Glow (for all skin tones) or Saye Glowy Super Gel (For fair to medium skin). And, of course, if you want something with more pigment to make your cheekbones pale, opt for something like this. Armani Luminous Silk Liquid Bronzer Dropsavailable in four warm shades ranging from light to deep.

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